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Terms and Conditions

Enjoy 6 months interest free on all glazing purchases
Enjoy 6 months interest free during the stated period. You can apply for a new Q Mastercard or use your Flightcentre or Farmers Mastercard to take advantage of this amazing offer.  Credit and lending criteria and fees, including annual fees apply. Minimum purchase of $199 applies. If you do not pay the outstanding balance in full before the end of the stated period, the amount payable will accrue interest. Prevailing interest rate applies after any interest free term ends. 

Account Fees

There are some fees for managing your Account, including:

  • Account fee - this is an annual fee of $50 applied to your account in two 6-monthly instalments ($25 upon opening your account and then $25 every 6 months thereafter).

  • Advance fee - $35 will be charged to your account every time you make a new Long Term Finance purchase, other than when you convert a transaction into Long Term Finance.

Please note fees & charges can be varied.

Current Annual Interest Rates

  • Standard Interest Rate is 25.99% p.a.

  • Cash Advance Rate is 27.25% p.a.

Minimum Payments

You will need to pay at least the Minimum Payment by the Due Date as set out in your monthly statement.

Credit Limits

A Q Mastercard provides you with a specified amount of credit that you can access using your Account and/or your card. You must ensure that your total unpaid balance does not exceed your credit limit.

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