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Can my existing Aluminium Windows be Double Glazed?

We often get asked by customers “Can my existing aluminium windows can be double glazed without having to replace the whole window?” – The answer is yes.

What is the benefit of retrofit double glazing?

Retrofitting double glazing into your existing aluminium window will give you the benefits of double glazing at a fraction of the cost to fully replace your windows. Retrofit double glazing is a quick and easy job and can be done with most existing aluminium windows. There is a wide range of benefits to double glazing your home. These include:

  1. Reducing Condensation

  2. Reducing your energy bills

  3. Providing UV protection

  4. Reducing noise

  5. Increasing the value of your home

Can I change the look of my windows?

There may be instances where you’d like to change the way an opening window is hinged? Maybe you’d like to remove the opening window altogether? Take a look at how you can transform the look of your home just by removing an opening window and replacing it with a fully glazed pane. Not only will the fully glazed panel provide an unobstructed view, but it can also be a much more cost-effective solution.

How do you install double glazing into existing aluminium windows?

We will remove the existing glass and replace it with new double glazed units. You will keep the look of your existing windows and gain the numerous benefits double glazing has to offer. The aluminium bead will be removed and replaced with one suitable for double glazing. More often than not the opening window will be replaced, along with the hinges stays and latches.

My old aluminium windows are dull and faded. Can they be restored to their former glory?

Customers are often concerned that replacing some parts of their existing aluminium windows will not tie in with the old due to faded sections of aluminium. There are a number of solutions available nowadays on the market that can revitalise your old, tired looking aluminium, bringing it back to its former glory. We trailed a DIY solution from Everbrite and wow what a difference. Take a look at the faded joinery around this set of French Doors. After 1 coat of the DIY solution, the frame came up like new. NOTE: The door panels and hinges were replaced. It was only the surrounding frame that was treated.

Need more inspiration?

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