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Maintain the character of your home with Timber Retrofit Double Glazing or Aluminium Insert Windows

Updated: Jun 16

Do you want to double glaze the windows in your home but you're worried you will lose the character and charm of your home?

Many homeowners are concerned that double-glazing their home will mean they lose the character of their home. There are ways to upgrade your windows but retain that unique character. Here at New Era Glazing we listen to your concerns and offer a tailored solution to your needs. There are two common ways to upgrade your windows and maintain the character of your home: Timber Retrofit Double Glazing and Insert Windows.

What is Timber Retrofit Double Glazing?

Timber retrofit double glazing is the process of installing new double-glazed units into your existing timber frames. If you are considering double glazing and you have timber joinery, we may recommend you keep the timber frames. There will be instances where timber retrofit double glazing is not the best solution. Timber retrofit double glazing helps to maintain the character of your home while also providing the benefits of double glazing at a fraction of the cost.

What is an Aluminium Insert Window?

So, you’ve found that your existing timber windows are not in the condition you hoped. Maybe you’d like to modernise the look of your home but maintain the character of your home? Aluminium insert windows may be what you are looking for. Insert Windows provide an affordable solution by replacing old timber windows with new aluminium joinery. This allows you to reap the benefits of new windows without compromising the traditional style of your home. Insert Windows could be one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Replacing ineffective windows can make your home look more refreshed and even save you money on your power bill.


  • Upgrading your single glazed windows will increase the value of your home

  • Better insulation saves money by reducing your heating and cooling bills


  • Refresh your look

  • Maintain the character of your home


  • Reduce outside noise

  • Help create a warmer, drier, healthier home

  • Reduce visible moisture and condensation on your windows

  • Increase UV protection

Considering double glazing in your home?

Talk to us about the right double-glazing solution for your home. For more information or a free, no-obligation quote, contact us today.

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