Specialists in rural Double glazing.

Increase the value of your property with double glazing and keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

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Rural Double Glazing


New Era Glazing are the experts in rural double glazing. Insulate your property keeping warmth inside the home in winter.

Double Glazing can also reduce noise levels and is vital to reducing the likelihood of condensation in on your windows, which keeps your home drier.

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Why Consider Double Glazing

Retrofit Double Glazing on your rural property is the simple process of removing your existing single glazed panes from your Timber/Aluminum Windows. Then installing new high performance thermally insulated double glazed units back into your existing frames.

Double glazing your rural property can help insulate against temperatures, keeps warmth inside the home. Can provide natural lightning into your home while minimising glare. They can reduce noise levels, which is helpful in busy areas. They are vital to reducing the likelihood of condensation in Winter, which keeps your home drier.

The gap between two sheets of glass in double-glazed windows helps keep the cold out and the heat in.


Double glazing your rural property is not the same thing as secondary glazing. Double-glazed windows have two sheets of glass with a gap between them, which is filled with an argon gas. Secondary glazing involves installing a second layer of glazing on the inside of the existing window.


High performance double glazing keeps the cold out and traps the warmth in, allowing for warmer, dryer and healthier home with less heating required, reducing power bills.


High performance double glazing reduces internal condensation dramatically.


By installing specialty acoustic double glazing, noisy neighbors or road noise can be a thing of the past.


By installing standard tinted or laminated double glazing this greatly reduces UV rays by up to 99%.


Reduces excessive summer heat gain allowing for a more moderated internal climate all year round.


By installing toughened glass this will give you 5x the strength and security than standard non toughened single glazed panes.